When Photo Met Video

March Meeting is DSLR Video for Photographers


Where is the art of photography headed in the near future? Moving pictures! Video is more in-demand now than ever, and the lines between still photography and moving pictures is blurring. Join APG and special guest speakers, Phillip and Eileen Blume, as they show you how to add cinema-quality video to your skill set. Whether you’re an aspiring pro or your only gear is an iPhone, you’ll be amazed how accessible and fun video can be.

©2015 Blume PhotographyPhillip and Eileen Blume are international award-winning wedding and portrait photographers, and respected leaders in the photo industry. As socially conscious creatives, they not only travel the globe producing beautiful images but also believe in the power of visual media to change the world, as with their 2011 documentary film Lost Boys of Paradise. (The feature-length film represented their first ever attempt at shooting video.) Having transformed their home studio in Clarke County into a top brand recognized worldwide, they now work with clients in New York, London, Manila, Antigua, and beyond. As educators, the pair instructs thousands of fellow photographers. Phillip is a regular contributor to the popular Shutter Magazine, while he and Eileen appear annually at WPPI and ShutterFest, two of photography’s leading conventions. They have been featured on broadcasts of Photographers Ignite and CreativeLive, and are especially passionate about their workshops and coaching program for photographers. The Blumes live near Athens, GA, with their two young daughters and are currently in the process of adopting their third child.

More of the Blume’s work can be seen at blumephotography.com. You can also obtain their new ebook “From Posed to Playful” on their site. Click on their blog tab to learn how.


©2015 Blume Photography©2015 Blume Photography©2015 Blume Photography©2015 Blume Photography