May Meeting is Topical Smorgasbord

Bob Woodall

Bob Woodall is an outdoor nature and wildlife photographer. He will be sharing about what it takes to photograph in Yellowstone National Park in the Winter.

Kidd Fielteau
Kidd Fielteau is a self taught photographer who picked up a camera in 2011 and fell in love with the art a year later. It is all he has done since. Kidd’s topic will be Working With Models.

Larry Petroff

Larry Petroff attends North Georgia Technical College as a part-time student studying portrait photography. Mid-day Sun? Pull out your Flash! High Speed Sync Wins.

Warren Flick

Warren Flick writes a blog on retirement (, volunteers for Meals on Wheels, and shoots for OnlineAthens as a Spotted photographer. He is a retired forestry professor and lawyer. Warren will be sharing about A Spotted Life in Photography.

Mystery speaker and topic to be announced at the meeting.

All photos ©2015 of the photographers listed