July 2015

July News

Upcoming Events and Contest Notifications

  • Lickskillet is coming up. More info to come.
  • The APG Summer Shot Photo Contest. Our second APG member’s photo contest with cash prizes is coming in September. It will include only photographs taken between June 1, 2015 and Sept. 8, 2015. First Prize $150, 2nd $100, and three Honorable Mentions awarding $50.
    – There will also be a new prize category:  “WOW!” awarding one $50 prize. Wow is an image which stops you because it is unusual or otherwise noteworthy, without benefit of manipulation. It can be a grab shot or one where patience won, or took special preparation and the image succeeds.
    – Up to two images per 2015 paid APG member. Minimum size 5 x 7.
    – Framed or quick mount on a plain white background — e.g. foam core, mounting board or poster board.
    – Any photo with photographers ID/watermark is disqualified.
    – All work presented and judged by membership at Sept.17 meeting.

Smartphonography including live demonstrations

Come learn how to get the most out of processing images on your smart phone.

Wendy JacksonWendy Jackson recently relocated to Watkinvsille from Charleston, SC. She was a hobby photographer growing up in Connecticut. Once in South Carolina however, children and work only allowed time to take photos for her real estate job. When she moved to Georgia her intention was to continue to focus on real estate photography, but the animals and the beautiful area she lives in captured her creative heart.

Wendy will mostly be covering the vast array of apps she uses to edit and manipulate her iPhone photos, including Photoshop Express and Lightroom mobile. More of Wendy’s work can be seen here.


Wendy Jackson PhotosPhotos ©2015 Wendy Jackson

Wendy Garfinkel-GoldWendy Garfinkel-Gold studied photography and graphic design at Rhode Island School of Design, New York University, and the University of the Arts. She worked as a graphic designer in the advertising world for 23 years and, in 2014, started developing her own photography business.

Wendy will be discussing and showing examples of her iPhone 6 work with her favorite apps, Hipstamatic and Oggi (Hipstamatic’s social app). She’ll also do an overview of her favorite apps for editing, as well as work up at least one photo live. You can view samples of her iPhoneography here.

Wendy Garfinkel-Gold PhotosPhotos ©2015 Wendy Garfinkel-Gold

Bonus: Shopping list for some apps that will be covered.
Snapseed ||| Enlight ||| Stackables ||| Distressed FX ||| Mextures
VSCO Cam ||| Diana ||| Vintage Scene ||| Photoshop Express
Lightroom Mobile ||| Typic ||| iWatermark ||| Hipstamatic
Pic Stitch ||| TimerCam ||| iLoader ||| You Doodle Plus