Concert Photography

Getting the Most When Shooting Bands Live

Tim Rogan The music is ear-bleeding loud. Fans are dancing and crowding in around you. Lights are flashing in all the colors of the rainbow. Drunks are asking you to take their picture. How do you nail that special image in the midst of all of that?

Tim Rogan is a local graphic artist and photographer who loves a diversity of live music, photography, and a good challenge. Athens has a crazy good music scene and you can’t get more challenging surroundings than the vast variety local clubs offer. It is a match made in heaven. With that in mind, Tim decided a couple of years ago to get out there and attempt to see the music scene differently than other photographers.

Tim will be sharing not just camera settings – anyone can Google those – but challenges to be aware of, etiquette both at the concert and in posting images, and some unique shots he looks for that made one band member exclaim, “I thought you’d been doing this for a long time.”

Concert Photography by Tim Rogan

All photos ©2015 Tim Rogan


Photo Exhibit at the Botanical Garden: “Nature, Illustrated,”
by Chuck Murphy

The State Botanical Garden will host a show of Chuck Murphy’s photos from August 23rd through October 3rd. Mark your calendar. The opening reception will be Sunday, August 23rd, from 2-4 PM in the Visitor’s Center, and all are welcome.

Chuck Murphy Exhibit

All photos ©2015 Chuck Murphy

Chuck has been APG’s Program Chair for the last two years. He teaches photography classes at UGA-Continuing Ed, the State Botanical Garden, and for OLLI@UGA. He specializes in nature photography, particularly “birds, bugs, and blooms.” As befitting a show at the Botanical Garden, this show is more about the blooms than the birds and the bugs.

The exhibition features a wide variety of Chuck’s work, mostly new and created specifically for this show. Chuck promises that the show includes works “wide and tall, large and small, round and square, printed on paper, wood, canvas, metal, and glass. Most are static, but one or two will be animated. It’s a smorgasbord! Nobody will like everything, but I hope everybody likes something, and that everything is liked by somebody.”