Take the Guesswork out of Printing

This month you’ll learn how to take the guesswork out of printing and having prints made.

Taylor & Crist Jan2016In this meeting you will learn the proper techniques that will allow you to produce the best possible prints of your images. Laura and Carolyn plan to cover sizing, color calibration, and paper selection to fit your image. They’ll also talk about Athens Art Prints, an in-shop and online gallery they are creating to promote Athens artists and their work. APG photographers are invited to sell prints of their images through them with no sales commission. As a bonus they will bring a few examples of photo restoration and editing to show.

Laulea Taylor and Carolyn Crist are co-owners of Pixel & Ink Photo Boutique which opened in the Chase Park warehouse in August. Laulea is the creative mastermind who specializes in photo restoration, photo touchup, and art reproduction. She’s been working with digital editing and in frame shops for more than a decade. Carolyn is the social media and business manager who is also a freelance journalist in Athens. She writes for publications such as Flagpole, Atlanta Magazine and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Bring your notepad. Bring your burning questions. Whether you want to use Pixel and Ink, or print yourself, you will leave with the knowledge to stop guessing and start printing.

All photos ©2015 Pixel & Ink Photo Boutique