February 2016

February Field Trips

Guided Tour of the Ansel Adams

John Mariana will be giving a tour of the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA. He will provide critiques/background of many of the Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Edward Weston prints in the exhibit and several of the contemporary photographer’s prints.

Meet John at the main desk in the lobby at 3:00, Sunday, February 28. This will be at least a one hour tour and may easily be longer.

We will plan to meet at the Lowes near Epps Crossing at 10:00am, and get lunch en route to arrive at the museum near the 1:00pm opening time. There’s a lot to see besides the Ansel Adams exhibit.

Frost Flower Photo Walk, Feb. 10 at 7:45am

Frost flowers form when the sap inside certain plants push through and freeze which forms beautiful ribbon of ice. These ribbons of ice a lot of times form what appears to be flowers, hence the name frost flower. The vegetation we will photograph is the white crownbeard. It is found in several places at the Garden. Judy knows where the vegetation is.

The temperature needs to be in the mid to lower twenties, so it will be super cold. Wear long johns, hat, gloves etc.

Judy has never photographed frost flowers in February….but hopefully they can still be found. We can always photograph nice macro shots of frost and ice on vegetation too.

Meet: Meet at the power line gravel parking lot at the Garden. Take a first right once in the Garden. When the road forks, take the right fork. The parking lot is down this road. You can view the Garden’s map on their website if you are unfamiliar with where this is.

What to bring:
-camera equipment
-a macro lens if you have one
-cell phone to take a couple of Instagram photos
-several extra camera batteries if you have them. If you shoot with live view, the batteries drain quickly.
-a bean bag to stabilize you camera on the ground for low shots
-Judy brings a gardening kneeling pad to keep cold and wet off her clothes
-money in case you want to get a hot beverage at Donderos’ Café afterwards

You can stay as long as you want. It will take around an hour for me to show you where all they are. Our only enemy is the sun and the ice melting. I have photographed them for several hours before.

February News

Upcoming Contest Notifications
  • OCAF for Everyone: 2016 NATIONAL JURIED ART EXHIBITION Exhibit Dates: April 1 – May 6, 2016 Exhibition Location: OCAF Main Gallery. Entry Fee: $25 OCAF Members/$35 Non-members. Submission Deadline: Accepting applications now through Friday, Feb 12, 2016. More information here.
  • Seventh annual Photography Show and Contest in Eatonton. Entries to the show will be accepted February 29-March 7. The show will be at The Plaza Arts Center and will be open to the public April 2- 8. Please go to www.theplazaartscenter.com for all details and entry information.

    The criteria for judging the photographs will include three major areas.

    1) Technical expertise: exposure, proper color balance, focus and depth of field
    2) Composition: could include strong lines, curves, angles, etc., a good use of foreground and background and an overall pleasing balance to the photo
    3) Interest, impact or impression: Does the image attract the attention of the viewer? This could be from the use of striking color, using a unique subject or lighting effect or any number of things that the photographer brings to the process.

February Photo Contest

February meeting is Thursday the 18th from 7-8:30 pm in the Community Room of the Lyndon House. This will be our Third Annual Photo Contest with cash prizes. This contest is for APG members who have paid their 2016 dues
  • For members who have paid their 2016 dues. (See Membership Dues below.)
  • One or two printed images allowed per paid member.
  • Images must be 5×7 or larger (no upper limit), framed, matted, gallery wrap, metal print with mount, printed with white border around the image, or just tacked on to a mat — anything that visually separates the print from the table.
  • Printed images are brought to the meeting and taken home at the end of the meeting – images cannot be stored for later pick up. (Images brought on a flash drive will be for critique only and will not be judged for prizes. See below.)
  • If you cannot attend, a friend can bring your images on your behalf and will be given the prize money to give to you if you win.
  • Images can be recent or older, but must be taken by the member.
  • Images must not have been juror accepted in ANY show, anywhere. Images presented at a gallery or market for sale, or APG shows, or shown at an APG meeting are acceptable.
  • If photographer’s name/watermark appears on the image IT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
  • Jurors will be APG members present at the meeting.
  • Cash awards will be presented at the meeting. Only one cash prize per member. If you win the point count for more than one prize, the lower of the two prizes will revert down to the work with the next highest point count.
  • Winning entries will be digitally photographed and projected on the screen for Q&A and comments.

WOW! :: $50