Panther Creek Photo Walk

Panther Creek Falls is on most lists of Georgia “must see” waterfalls, so we’re going to spend a day hiking the trail and visiting the 4 waterfalls en route, on a day that’s close to the anticipated peak foliage season (though that’s always a bit of a gamble). We’ll meet up Friday October 28 at 7:15 a.m. in the Sandy Creek Nature Center Parking lot and drive up (about 1:20 each way; the PC parking lot fills up by 10), then spend the day hiking. The trail is described as “moderate” and good hiking shoes are recommended. You’ll want to bring lots of water and a lunch, since the trail is 7.8 miles round trip… it will be less intense than hiking straight through since we’ll stop to take pictures along the way 🙂 , but it *is* still a long hike.

If you drive up separately, look on Google Maps for “Panther Creek Trailhead
Old Historic U.S.441, Clarkesville, GA 30523”
NOT “Panther Creek Falls” or “Panther Creek Trail” – that’s something else an extra 2 hours further away 🙂 You’ll want to start at this trailhead unless you’re a gutsy hiker (there’s a trailhead near Yonah Dam that’s shorter but more difficult and for experienced hikers only)… and after you pass THIS rock, you should watch for a split in the trail and stay to the left (going uphill) rather than turning right (downhill).

Please check the APG Facebook Page for last minute updates or discussion about the walk.