Full House Reception & Critique

This month we have something special planned for you. Since many APG members have submitted work to the Full House show, and it is the opening reception for the show the same night as the meeting, and there will be food and drink there, we have decided to add participation in the reception to our meeting. We will gather for announcements, then go participate in the event, then come back to critique and talk about the photography in the show.

For those unfamiliar with critiquing, here’s a formal definition: a careful judgment in which you give your opinion about the good and bad parts of something (such as a piece of writing or a work of art)

In other words, describe what dazzled you? What took your breath away? What was it about them that attracted you to them? Was it the angle, the color, the subject placement? We will be keeping it positive. We will then finish with the monthly photo challenge.

The reception starts at 6:00 pm so feel free to arrive early and mingle with members of the other guilds. Remember that if you submitted to Full House then they ask that you bring a finger food for the reception.

More about Full House can be found here.