April 2017

April News

Upcoming Contests and Notifications

  • April 2017 Oconee County Library. Our show is now up through the end of April. Please stop by. The Oconee County Library is along the line with the Jail, Post Office, and Public Health Center. Take down will be Sunday, April 30th from 2–3 pm.
  • Lyndon House Small Gallery: There are some interesting photos in the small gallery based on spinning the camera. This is the outside wall gallery. Go to the kitchen and look right.
  • Lyndon House Juried Show: There are quite a few APGers in the show and some of their entries have already been sold. It is free to view. It is always interesting and worth a leisurely walk through.
  • In conjunction with the Juried Show will be Artists Talks every Thursday from 6–7 p.m. during the month of April. Learn the story behind the art. 3–4 artists are scheduled for each Thursday.
  • OCAF Southworks National Juried Show: Like the Lyndon House Juried Show, APG is well represented and has already sold some of their entries. Congratulations to all who made it in. The show is free and well worth taking a look when you have a free hour.
  • Adams Exhibit This is a new exhibit at the Booth Art Museum in Cartersville.  It will open April 8 with a ribbon cutting of the new, permanent Photography galley – “Picturing America.”  The exhibit is 30 signed prints from Ansel’s granddaughter.

News about Pixel and Ink: Pixel and Ink has now moved to a new space on Broad Street. We are expanding our fine art printing services to include framing and printing on metal, wood, acrylic, tile, and more.
To make that happen, we’re temporarily pausing production for April. If you’ve submitted an order to us, we’re wrapping that up this week for you. Then we’ll take the next few weeks to test our new equipment, get samples prepared and train new employees. We can’t wait to show you the great things we can do with our new printing equipment!
What this means for production:
Since April is traditionally a slow month for us, we hope it won’t be too much of an inconvenience. At the same time, we want to help everyone as we continue to renovate! Here’s our promise:

  • Prints – We can still do prints for people, but it’ll be on a weekly turnaround. Feel free to send your files, and we’ll set a pickup date.
  • Film – We’re still a dropoff point for Dunwoody Photo. Feel free to email us, and we’ll set up an appointment for you to drop off or pick up film.
  • Scanning and editing – We’re pausing on these services for April. If you’d like to drop off an order, let us know! We’re happy to hold it until we reopen.
  • Art capture – We’re also wrapping up our last few art reproduction pieces this week for April. If you have an art show in May or an event coming up, let us know! We may be able to  work something out.
  • Photo restoration – We can still accept these orders in April but will extend the turnaround time to May. Let us know if you have photos you’d like to drop off for an estimate.

Day Destinations

Back by popular demand: Day Destinations!

You have a free day. You’re itching to shoot. Where do you go? Join us to learn about four places that allow you to drive to, shoot, and return home in one day.

1. Wade Sheldon will speak about photographic opportunities at Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground, Georgia, two hours northwest of Athens (gibbsgardens.com). Sixteen separate gardens are maintained on the property, including 3 feature gardens – the Manor House Gardens, Japanese Gardens, and Waterlily Gardens. Photographic opportunities abound throughout the year, including daffodils in the spring, water lilies and flower beds in the summer, Japanese maples in the fall, and sculptures and architecture throughout the year. It’s one destination where you are certain to use every lens in your bag!
Wade is a marine scientist at the University of Georgia, specializing in scientific computing and environmental informatics. He bought his first camera after graduating from college, a Canon T-70 film body, and has been hooked on photography ever since. He currently pursues a wide range of photo subjects semi-professionally, including promotional and event photography for Cedar Theatre, Bear Hollow Zoo, Athens for Everyone, and various non-profit groups and scientific societies, as well as landscape and general nature photography. Wade’s photos have appeared in a variety of technical publications and regional magazines, including the UGA Research Reporter. You can view some of Wade’s recent work on his website at www.sheldonphoto.net.

2. Sandy Ellis will share about Callaway Gardens, just over 2.5 hours away in Pine Mountain, GA. (callawaygardens.com)
Sandy says, “I have always loved photography. In the 1970’s I got a degree in Journalism at the University of Georgia. During that time I took photography classes and fell in love with it. I spent hours in the darkroom developing my own black and white photos. I had found my passion! As much as I loved photography, I found it difficult to make a living so I went back to school and became a teacher. I had to put photography on hold. I retired from teaching in May 2010 and immediately dove back into photography. I am shooting all digital now and love enhancing my photos in Photoshop. I do about 6 art shows a year where I have a booth and sell my work. My work has been in several juried shows including OCAF, Southworks, and The Lyndon House Arts Center. I like to photograph landscapes, flowers, insects, and wildlife. I especially like to photograph birds. Every winter I travel to Florida to photograph water birds and to St. Augustine in the spring to photograph nesting birds. My favorite thing to photograph lately is my grandchildren!” More of Sandy’s work can be seen at  www.sandyellisphotography.com.

3. Beth Thompson is taking us to Whiteside Mountain, approx. 2.5 hours the other direction in Highlands, N.C. (Whiteside Mountain)
Beth is a native of Athens, GA. She has lived in Helsinki, Finland; Columbus, Ohio; Paris, France; and New York City. Beth studied at Parsons Paris and The American University of Paris. She holds two B.F.A.’s from the University of Georgia: one in photography and one in digital media.
Beth has created a Possible Perceptions series, simultaneously blogging about an 18th century explorer of the Southeast, William Bartram. With his book Travels as a muse and guide, Beth has written 60 blog posts and created over 100 Possible Perceptions from photographs she has taken of the Southeast. Beth has exhibited this body of work at Aurum Studios, the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia, the Madison County Library, and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens.
Collected internationally, artist Patricia Hamalainen from Helsinki, Finland, says: “No doubt about it in my mind, Beth’s work is brilliant and unique – brainy, a-complex, but approachable.” You can see more of Beth’s work at beththompsonphotography.com.

4. Judy Glenn is also taking us northwest to Berry College (2277 Martha Berry Hwy NW, Mount Berry, GA http://www.berry.edu/). Berry College is a wonderful place to photograph eagles, deer, swans, and other wildlife. Berry is almost 3 hrs away if traveling during the day. That comes down to around 2.25 hrs if you leave Athens before sunrise.
Berry became home to “Ma Berry” and “Pa Berry” in the spring of 2012. The pair have had 9 eaglets since that time (B8 and B9 should be leaving the nest by May). The nest can be found in the parking lot of the Steven J. Cage Athletic Recreation Center. The are two live cams where you can watch the eagles: http://www.berry.edu/eaglecam/. A neighboring lake, not far from the college, is one of their favorite feeding place as there are more coots than you can count. Muskrats can also be found at the lake.
Judy is passionate about photographing wildlife, especially hummingbirds. She researched and designed the Hummingbird Trail for the State Botanical Garden of Georgia on Milledge Ave. in Athens, and gives talks and trail walks for the garden. Her website will hopefully be up this year. Until then, her blog shows her work and most of her social media: http://seeingthroughgodseyesphotos.blogspot.com.

5. This is you. What is your favorite photo day trip destination? We’ll leave time at the end for you to share.

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