September 2017

September News

Upcoming Contests and Notifications

  • APG member Wade Sheldon has 5 coastal landscape prints in the show Warm Days, Cool Nights, a 4-artist exhibition hosted by Classic Galleries at The Classic Center in downtown Athens. The show was curated by the Lyndon House, and will run from June 4 to December 10, 2017. An opening reception will be announced soon.
  • Photographic images by Ken StoreyBeth Richardson, and Richard Farber are currently on display at Aurum Studios on E. Clayton St. in downtown Athens. The ending date of the show has not been announced, so stop by soon.
  • APG members Chuck Murphy and Jena Johnson have a joint photography exhibit, Meet Your Neighbours: The Unseen World in Your Own Backyard. The show will be up through October 8th at the State Botanical Garden’s Visitor Center.

Photography in the New Era of Film

Creating modern art while going old school.
This meeting is all about creating photographs while using film.

APG Meets September 21st, 7:00–8:30 PM @ The Lyndon House

Jordana Dale will be sharing her thoughts about the use of film in this day and age, the resurgence of film in the industry, and why she feels more fulfilled in her art and work because of using film. There will be time for Q&A about her work or film in general. She will also show some slides and bring in both digital and darkroom made prints.Jordana has been creating art since childhood and studying it since 2003. She received a certificate of professional photography from the New York Institute of Photography in 2008 and a BFA in Photography from the University of Georgia in 2014 .

Driven by her passion for exploring the human condition, through themes of dissonance, inter-personal relationships and intimacy, Jordana Dale has crafted a unique voice through her photographs. She strongly believes that art is not accidental, but something created with intention and purpose with an audience in mind. While she enjoys creating unique and moving pieces of art, she is also comfortable and adept with fashion photography, formal portraits, weddings, engagements, and headshots with both adults and children.

All images ©2017 Jordana Dale