January 2018

January News

Upcoming Contests and Notifications
  • 43nd Juried Exhibition at the Lyndon House. Drop off is Jan. 25, 1:00–8:00 pm and Jan. 28, 10 am–4 pm. More info here.

5th Annual Photo Contest

APG Photo Contest

Please read all bullet points

January meeting is Thursday the 18th from 7–8:30 pm in the Community Room of the Lyndon House. This will be our Fifth Annual Photo Contest with cash prizes. This contest is for APG members who have paid their 2018 dues. Please arrive by 6:15 if you plan on paying your 2018 dues at the meeting.


  • For members who have paid their 2018 dues. (See Membership Dues below. Download form here, fill out, and bring to meeting.)
  • One or two printed images allowed per paid member.
  • Images must be at least 5×7 prints with a maximum presented size of 22 inches on the long side. They can be framed, matted, gallery wrap, metal print with mount, printed with white border around the image, or just tacked on to a mat – anything that visually separates the print from the table.
  • Printed images are brought to the meeting and taken home at the end of the meeting – images cannot be stored for later pick up.
  • If you cannot attend, a friend can bring your images on your behalf and will be given the prize money to give to you if you win.
  • Images can be recent or older, but must be taken by the member.
  • Images must NOT have been juror accepted in ANY show, anywhere, published in a magazine, or sold more than two times at any combined number of shows/markets/galleries. If not sold more than two times images presented at a gallery or market for sale, or APG shows, or shown at an APG meeting are acceptable.
  • If photographer’s name/watermark appears on the image, mat, or frame IT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. You will be allowed to cover it up with a post-it® note, etc, but it must be completely and opaquely covered.
  • Wow is an image which stops you because it is unusual or otherwise noteworthy. It can be a grab shot or one where patience won, or took special preparation and the image succeeds. Heavily manipulated images count.
  • Jurors will be APG 2018 paid members present at the meeting.
  • Cash awards will be presented at the meeting. Only one cash prize per member. If you win the point count for more than one prize, the lower of the two prizes will revert down to the work with the next highest point count.
At their discretion, judges may award an addition honorable mention.
WOW! :: $50
If you need prints made locally we recommend our sponsor Pixel and Ink Studio.
Give them a week to turn the print around.