Composition – What Does it Mean to You?

Presentation & Discussion
by Martin Bozone

APG Meets July 19th, 7:00–8:30 PM @ The Lyndon House

211 Hoyt St., Athens, GA 30601


APG this month will not be just a presentation of slides, bullets, and photos. Learning other people’s photography philosophy and methods is very helpful, but getting your hands dirty can be a lesson that sticks. This time we will combine a presentation with a round-table discussion about composition.

Martin Bozone will be the presenter/facilitator for the presentation/discussion. The purpose of having a discussion and critique is to bring to light what Martin believes is the key to composition. And the key is You.

He is asking members and visitors alike to bring one or two photo print outs of your own or someone else’s you like (pro, friend, magazine, etc.) for compositional discussion and a critique. (Otherwise, we will get out really early.) Please join us for a great night of learning.

Topics for discussion

  • Composition: One person’s definition. What’s yours?
  • Composition: Rule of Thirds
  • Composition: Other composition theories to utilize. Yes, there are several others besides the rule of thirds.
  • Tools to use in composition
  • Critique

For submitting photos, email them to APG or email Martin at

Martin is a graphic artist by trade. Having been in the graphics field for 33 years, Martin has gained extensive Photoshop and Lightroom skills. He is presently the art director for a corporation in Newnan, GA. Sixteen design awards are among the highlights of his career. Martin has been taking photos since he was a wee lad but his photography has been just a tool utilized in his day job. Recently, he decided to get serious about his own personal photography and became a member of Georgia Nature Photography Association, Athens Photography Guild, and other groups and clubs. Martin has had the privilege of placing in seven GNPA competitions and the annual APG Photo Competition. He has been published in Birds and Blooms and three regional bird calendars, and has been accepted into four state art shows.

Images ©2018 Martin Bozone