B&W Photography

B&W Photography — Learn to see and think in monochrome to create stunning B&W images

APG Meets March 21st, 7:00–8:30 PM
The Lyndon House – 211 Hoyt St., Athens, GA 30601


We know the classic images of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, and the modern classics of John Sexton and Vincent Versace. Their black and white images are still striking because of their use of light and composition. Early photographers did not have the option of color, digital processing, and the other capabilities we use for image making. How can we build on classic ideas for B&W images using today’s tools?

What is the difference between a black and white image vs. a color image? What gear do you need? How do you learn to “see” in monochrome tones? What camera settings help to optimize your images? What post processing tips can enhance monochrome images? There is a lot more to B&W than reducing saturation or removing the color.  

At the March APG meeting, Eric Bowles takes us through all these things and more to help you make great black and white photographs with today’s digital equipment. While the presentation will be directed toward nature photography, the principles Eric presents will be applicable to any genre of photography.

All images ©2019 Eric Bowles

Eric Bowles is an Atlanta-based nature photographer predominantly working in the Southeast. He is a photo educator providing photo tours, workshops, and training both independently and through Nikonians Academy. Eric’s work has been exhibited in galleries, purchased by corporate and individual collectors, and published in books and magazines. He provides individual instruction for photographers of all skill levels.  

Eric’s specialties include landscape, wildlife, macro, and close-up photography, as well as infrared image making using modified cameras. He is the director of Nikonians Academy. Eric is a Board member and past committee chair for North American Nature Photography Association and a Board member and Vice President of Georgia Nature Photography Association. He is a frequent visitor and speaker for photography groups throughout Georgia and the Carolinas and co-host of the NANPA Webinar series. For more information about Eric, visit his website at bowlesimages.com.