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Hummingbird Trail Walk

APG Hummingbird Trail Walk at the State Botanical Gardens

When: Saturday, August 11, from 8:30-10:30 a.m.

During the first hour, Judy Glenn will guide you through the Hummingbird Trail to find where the hummingbirds feed and perch throughout the Garden. The hummers are tiny, but don’t worry—Judy developed the trail and knows their favorite hiding places. The second hour will be for you to independently view and photograph the hummingbirds. Judy will be available during this time for questions.

Where: The State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Meet in the back parking lot. Go straight past all parking lots and park in the lot near the chapel.

What to bring: Please dress for the hot weather, bring comfortable shoes, hat water, snacks, bug spray, sunscreen, photography gear and/or binoculars: camera, several batteries (If you have them), your longest lens, SD card, tripod (if desired), a lot of patience.

Why: Because it is fun to see and photograph them!

Details: You must have signed the waver on your APG membership form to attend (download here). Judy will have forms for you to sign if you have not signed one yet.

Hummingbird trail maps will be provided.

If there is a threat of rain that day, send Judy a personal message on Facebook between

August News

NEW THIS MONTH: Beginners or veterans, come one, come all! Do you have a photography question, maybe one you’re too shy to ask in front of the group? Or you’re stuck with a question and have no idea who might know the right answer? At APG, we’re trying something new at the August meeting: Our own, dedicated “Ask Me!” person will be on duty during the social half-hour, 6:30 – 7:00 PM. If he or she doesn’t know the answer, they’ll find somebody who does. Just look for the person wearing the “Ask Me!” hat.

Upcoming Contests and Notifications

  • APG Hummingbird Trail Walk at the State Botanical Gardens. The master of the hummingbirds at the Botanical Gardens will be doing a photo walk for APG members. Aug. 11. 8:30–10:30 a.m.. If you are not a member for 2018, you need to print the member form, sign the middle part and bring it with you.

Easy Portrait Tips

Easy Portrait Tips

APG Meets August 16th, 7:00–8:30 PM @ The Lyndon House

211 Hoyt St., Athens, GA 30601

A presentation discussing ways to improve your portraits, focusing on composition do’s and don’t’s, natural light, light direction, and simple modifiers.

Karen Cannon is a photography enthusiast taking a hobby way too far.  She got her first DSLR in late 2014, completed the Professional Photography Certificate continuing education program at the University of North Georgia in 2016, and is currently working on an Associates Degree in Photography at Gwinnett Technical College.  Her goal is to figure out how to defy the laws of physics and fit a full service portrait studio into a small house with low ceilings.

Images ©2018 Karen Cannon

Perry’s Water Gardens

You’re invited to join us on a photo walk to Perry’s Water Gardens in North Carolina. We’ll meet at Sandy Creek Nature Center on July 14, 2018 at 7 a.m. then carpool up to arrive when the center opens at 9 a.m., although the lilies will be at their most-open from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. (when the center closes). http://perryswatergarden.net/

* water and a snack (there aren’t nearby stores for lunch)
* bug repellant
* sunscreen (lilies love full sun, so shade is limited)
* rainboots or water shoes–it gets a bit swampy in some spots
* polarizing filter may be helpful

Updates will be posted on the Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/162068501154616/

July News

Upcoming Notifications

  • APG Position Needs You! We need someone to take over this newsletter. You don’t have to be a graphic artist to do so. You don’t need to make a special header each month. You just need to be able to fill in a template in Mail Chimp. We’ll train you. See Tim or Judy if you’d like to do this.
  • Photo walk to Perry’s Water Gardens in North Carolina. We’ll meet at Sandy Creek Nature Center on Saturday, July 14 at 7 a.m. then carpool up to arrive when the center opens at 9 a.m., although the lilies will be at their most-open from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. when the center closes. See https://www.facebook.com/events/162068501154616/ for details

Composition – What Does it Mean to You?

Presentation & Discussion
by Martin Bozone

APG Meets July 19th, 7:00–8:30 PM @ The Lyndon House

211 Hoyt St., Athens, GA 30601


APG this month will not be just a presentation of slides, bullets, and photos. Learning other people’s photography philosophy and methods is very helpful, but getting your hands dirty can be a lesson that sticks. This time we will combine a presentation with a round-table discussion about composition.

Martin Bozone will be the presenter/facilitator for the presentation/discussion. The purpose of having a discussion and critique is to bring to light what Martin believes is the key to composition. And the key is You.

He is asking members and visitors alike to bring one or two photo print outs of your own or someone else’s you like (pro, friend, magazine, etc.) for compositional discussion and a critique. (Otherwise, we will get out really early.) Please join us for a great night of learning.

Topics for discussion

  • Composition: One person’s definition. What’s yours?
  • Composition: Rule of Thirds
  • Composition: Other composition theories to utilize. Yes, there are several others besides the rule of thirds.
  • Tools to use in composition
  • Critique

For submitting photos, email them to APG or email Martin at mbozone@gmail.com.

Martin is a graphic artist by trade. Having been in the graphics field for 33 years, Martin has gained extensive Photoshop and Lightroom skills. He is presently the art director for a corporation in Newnan, GA. Sixteen design awards are among the highlights of his career. Martin has been taking photos since he was a wee lad but his photography has been just a tool utilized in his day job. Recently, he decided to get serious about his own personal photography and became a member of Georgia Nature Photography Association, Athens Photography Guild, and other groups and clubs. Martin has had the privilege of placing in seven GNPA competitions and the annual APG Photo Competition. He has been published in Birds and Blooms and three regional bird calendars, and has been accepted into four state art shows.

Images ©2018 Martin Bozone

Tempesta Falls at Tallulah Gorge


Very important change about the photo walk tomorrow. The Gorge level is too high to walk to the falls, but they are still doing a hike along the upper rim.

Waterfalls can be seen in the distance with good scenic views. This hike is 2 hours long and lasts from 10-12. A ranger will lead the hike.

Everyone is now going on their own. We will NOT be meeting as a group!

You still would need to make your reservation with them. 706-754-7981. At this time, there may or may not be enough people to do the walk. You will have to contact them.

Field Trip: Tempesta Falls at Tallulah Gorge

Date/Time:  Saturday June 16, 2008, 8:00am-2:00pm

Address:  205 Old Commerce Rd, Athens, GA 30607-1011

Reservations:  (706) 754-7981

Cost: $5/person


Please read all very carefully!! This is rescheduled from our rained out trip. This is a **Tallulah Gorge** sponsored hike, but several of us are planning to go and thought a few more of you may like to join us. Space is limited so please call (706) 754-7981 to reserve your spot today. We’ll meet at Sandy Creek Nature Center at 8 a.m. to carpool up.

We will drive to Tallulah Gorge State Park, check in by 9:30, and get in a few shots until the hike starts at 10 a.m.

Enjoy the rare opportunity to walk to the base of Tempesta falls. This area is not normally open to the public. This is a short but strenuous hike which consists of going down 310 stairs, getting off the beaten trail to hike down steep embankments and along the river to the base of Tempesta falls. There is a $5 per a person cost. Parking is also $5. Wear sturdy hiking shoes, bring snacks and lots of water. Children must be 10 or older, no pets.

Officially the hike ends at 12, but we may decide to stick around and spend time shooting in the vicinity afterward. We’ll coordinate those details in the parking lot the morning of with everyone who attends so we can arrange carpools according to what time people want to return. (If you need to return at a precise time, you may wish to drive or coordinate with a driver beforehand.)

Bring a sack lunch!

June News

Upcoming Contests and Notifications

  • Lyndon House Full House Show is now up. These are pieces created by the guilds that call the Lyndon House home. Many members have work in this show.
  • OCAF Members Show is now up. These are pieces by the members of OCAF in Watkinsville. Many members have work in this show.
  • Members’ Photo ShowsKennth Storey at the Botanical Gardens and Ben Slaboda at Give Back Realty, 624 South Milledge Avenue, Suite 101.
  • VOLUNTEER(S) NEEDED: We now need one or more people to take over the following APG jobs: 1) Newsletter Production and Mail Chimp mail list. Involves adding new members to the Mail Chimp email list, gathering the images and info from the speakers, creating the email newsletter, and creating an occasional extra email. It also involves sending a welcome email to new members, which is set up to copy and paste.  2) In-meeting computer person. Tim currently uses his own computer but the Lyndon House also has a pc in that room that can be used. They promised that the projector would work plug-and-play from now on so that shouldn’t be an issue. Involves gathering the challenge images that are sent in to APG’s gmail account, getting to the meeting early to set up the computer, gathering images from member’s as they come in, making sure the presenter’s slide show is working, and advancing the images during the photo challenge show. Key for both positions is timeliness and availability.
  • Website for national art competitions, calls for entries, festivals, grants, etc. artdeadline.com

Thinking like a Film Photography

This month we’ll explore how thinking like a film photographer can improve your digital images.

APG Meets June 21, 7:00–8:30 PM @ The Lyndon House

211 Hoyt St., Athens, GA 30601


Digital photography allows more people than ever to enjoy creating photos. Even if you never go near a roll of film, strategies used by film photographers, who are literally paying for every single shot, can save you a lot of precious time. And a basic understanding of film photography makes it far easier to understand basic editing of your digital images. Al will be discussing 1) ways that a film photography mind-set can improve anyone’s photography, and 2) the exciting new opportunities and possibilities offered by traditional and hybrid work flows.

Advanced photographers can capture images today that were physically impossible to shoot on film. But film is still alive and doing rather well. Traditional silver gelatin photography and alternative chemical processes are still attracting many young artists and advanced enthusiasts. Plenty of high schools still use the traditional darkroom to season their students’ chemistry and physics lessons. Hybrid photography is offering possibilities unimaginable to a college student studying photography in the pre-digital age. With a bathroom and a film scanner, a full traditional darkroom is unnecessary..

BONUS: If you’ve never witnessed the magic of seeing an image appear on a white sheet of paper, or if you’d just like to see the darkroom facilities available at Lyndon House Arts Center for open studio members, Al will be giving short darkroom demonstrations from 5:00 pm until the meeting. The Lyndon House dark room is upstairs. Go down the back left hallway and the photo room is on the right.

Al Williams is an Athens area fine art photographer who is currently focused primarily on purely traditional pinhole, medium and large format fine art black and white photography. He also works in digital and hybrid photography. Rural landscapes, portraits and macro photography are his usual subjects, but he is of the mind that all photographs should really be about light at the most fundamental level. Mr. Williams discovered his passion for photography studying photographic design in the pinhole photography program at the University Of Georgia Lamar Dodd School of Art in the late 1980’s. He has worked as a commercial portrait photographer and spent a year and a half at Showcase Photographics in Atlanta as the custom color lab technician. He began teaching darkroom photography in 1994 at the original Monroe Art Guild and has continued to share his passion for darkroom photography over the years. He especially enjoys teaching parent/child private lessons as it offers a unique experience for them to develop a shared interest… and the children always seem so well behaved.

All images ©2018 Al Williams

Photo Critiques & My New Gear

This Month is a Double Header:
Photo Critiques & My New Gear

APG Meets May 17th, 7:00–8:30 PM at The Lyndon House


PHOTO CRITIQUES: Have an image you like but know it needs some enhancing? Or one you like but want to see how others feel about it? How about a scene that overwhelmed you, but the image isn’t quite cutting it? Now is your chance to see your image through the eyes of other photographers.

1) See how others view your images. What does it say to them? Is there more that can be done with it? You don’t have to give your name if you don’t want to. Just listen. We’ll be gentle. Promise.

2) Maybe you want to find a different direction to take your photo. Hear what other photographers would do if they were working on it. We’ll throw out all kinds of suggestions from our perspective and make those changes live.

MY NEW GEAR: Have you bought something unusual that you are finding useful in your photography adventures? Bring it and do a short demonstration. Time allowed will depend on the number of items that are brought in.