Field Trips

Hummingbird Trail Photo Walk

Hummingbird Trail Photo Walk at the Botanical Gardens
When: Saturday, July 16, from 8-10 a.m. During the first hour, Judy will guide you through the Hummingbird Trail to find where the hummingbirds feed and perch throughout the Garden.The second hour will be for you to independently view and photograph the hummingbirds.
Where: The State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Meet in the parking lot near the outside restroom.
What to bring: Please dress for the hot weather, bring comfortable shoes, hat, water, snacks, bug spray, sunscreen, photography gear and/or binoculars: camera, several batteries (if you have them), your longest lens, SD card(s), tripod (if desired), and a lot of patience.
Details: You must have signed the waver on your APG membership form to attend. Judy will have forms for you to sign if you have not signed one yet.
If there is a threat of rain that day, send Judy a personal message on Facebook between 7:00-7:15 a.m. that morning, and she can let you know if the event is still on.

April Field Trip to Gibbs Garden

We are planning on spending the day shooting at Gibbs Garden on Saturday, April 2. We will carpool there, shoot individually and meet for lunch within the Garden or meet back at departure.

Meet in the parking lot in front of Harry’s Pig Shop at 7:15AM (2425 Jefferson Rd , Athens GA 30607). The Garden is open from 9-5. We don’t have to stay till 5 but will shoot well past lunch.

Arbor Cafe is within the Garden. Sandwiches are $7.89 and include chicken salad, roasted turkey pimento cheese or honey ham and swiss. They also have a few salads, snack and drinks. Here is the link for the Cafe:

Their rules state no outside food or drinks please (except water). Tickets are $20 per person ages18-64 years old. Seniors 65+ are $18 per person.

Sign up at the meeting on Thursday, March 17 or send a PM to Judy Royal Glenn from the APG Facebook event page with your cell number so she will know you are coming.

This event is weather permitting, and it would be great to know who is planning on coming in case we need to cancel.

February Field Trips

Guided Tour of the Ansel Adams

John Mariana will be giving a tour of the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA. He will provide critiques/background of many of the Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Edward Weston prints in the exhibit and several of the contemporary photographer’s prints.

Meet John at the main desk in the lobby at 3:00, Sunday, February 28. This will be at least a one hour tour and may easily be longer.

We will plan to meet at the Lowes near Epps Crossing at 10:00am, and get lunch en route to arrive at the museum near the 1:00pm opening time. There’s a lot to see besides the Ansel Adams exhibit.

Frost Flower Photo Walk, Feb. 10 at 7:45am

Frost flowers form when the sap inside certain plants push through and freeze which forms beautiful ribbon of ice. These ribbons of ice a lot of times form what appears to be flowers, hence the name frost flower. The vegetation we will photograph is the white crownbeard. It is found in several places at the Garden. Judy knows where the vegetation is.

The temperature needs to be in the mid to lower twenties, so it will be super cold. Wear long johns, hat, gloves etc.

Judy has never photographed frost flowers in February….but hopefully they can still be found. We can always photograph nice macro shots of frost and ice on vegetation too.

Meet: Meet at the power line gravel parking lot at the Garden. Take a first right once in the Garden. When the road forks, take the right fork. The parking lot is down this road. You can view the Garden’s map on their website if you are unfamiliar with where this is.

What to bring:
-camera equipment
-a macro lens if you have one
-cell phone to take a couple of Instagram photos
-several extra camera batteries if you have them. If you shoot with live view, the batteries drain quickly.
-a bean bag to stabilize you camera on the ground for low shots
-Judy brings a gardening kneeling pad to keep cold and wet off her clothes
-money in case you want to get a hot beverage at Donderos’ Café afterwards

You can stay as long as you want. It will take around an hour for me to show you where all they are. Our only enemy is the sun and the ice melting. I have photographed them for several hours before.

Nov-Dec Field Trips

No fields trips are currently scheduled. Please contact Judy Glenn ( or attend the APG meeting to suggest a future trip or photo walk!

Fall 2015 Photo Walks

  • Guild member Steve Binkley and a couple of friends are hosting a star party at Young Road Observatory October 5th through the 14th, and you are invited. Since the weather is too unpredictable to specify a particular night, you may come any night that is convenient for you and the weather looks promising. Please contact Steve the afternoon of the day you wish to come to get directions if necessary and verify that there are no problems for that night.
    The observatory is located about a mile off highway 78 just over 20 miles from the Athens bypass. If you wish to check the location on Google maps or a satellite view, Steve’s address is 181 Young Road, Rayle. Please note that the address is 6 or 7 miles east of Lexington in Oglethorpe county and not in Rayle (Wilkes county). Steve may be contacted at or 706-743-3682.
  • Tuesday, October 13 – If you’re not working Tuesday, October 13, come join us for a tour of various waterfalls in North Georgia! We’ll meet at Sandy Creek Nature Center at 8:15 a.m. We are tentatively planning to visit Blood Mountain Falls (lower and upper), Dick’s Creek Falls, DeSoto Falls (lower and upper), Trahlyta Falls in Vogel State Park, then Helton Creek Falls. We’ll adjust along the way depending on the group’s preferred speed. Bring water and lunch. Gear-wise, tripods are recommended and neutral-density filters are always helpful for long exposures if the day is sunny rather than an overcast. Some sort of tethered or remote camera trigger would be useful.
  • Sunday, November 1 – Panther Creek Falls is on most lists of Georgia “must see” waterfalls, so we’re going to spend a day hiking the trail and visiting the 4 waterfalls en route, on a day that’s close to the anticipated peak foliage season. We’ll meet at 7 a.m. in the Sandy Creek Nature Center Parking lot and drive up (about 1:20 each way), then spend the day hiking. The trail is described as “moderate” and good hiking shoes are recommended. You’ll want to bring lots of water and a lunch, since the trail is 7 miles round trip… it will be less intense than hiking straight through since we’ll stop to take pictures along the way, but it *is* still a long hike.

Upcoming Photo Walk

Where: The State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Meet at the parking lot near the restrooms.

When: Saturday, June 20th from 9am-11am.

Why: To photograph the hummingbirds on the Hummingbird Trail

What to bring: comfortable shoes, camera or binoculars, sunscreen, bug spray, water, patience
Lead by: Judy Glenn. The Hummingbird Trail was researched and designed by Judy as she pursued photographing the Ruby-throated Hummingbird at the Garden. The trail now has 20 specific markers where Judy has found hummers coming to plants for nectar or resting in trees.

Oconee Hill Cemetery
August 26, 2014 (8am-11am)

We have been given permission to photograph at Oconee Hill Cemetery (  This is a rare event that you don’t want to miss!

When: Saturday, August 16, 8-11 AM

Where: Oconee Hill Cemetery near UGA Stadium – 297 Cemetery Street, Athens, Georgia 30605-1701

The event starts at 8am,  If the gate is still closed park outside.  If the gate is open, then park inside to the left of the house.

No Dogs & No Etchings allowed!

Hummingbird Walk, State Botanical Garden
August 2, 2014 (9am-12am) – $15

hb-7-2014-bJudy Royal Glenn, president of the Athens Photography Guild and the creator of the brand new Hummingbird Trail at the State Botanical Garden, will lead a tour of the new trail.

When: Saturday, August 2, 9-12 AM (Cost: $15).

Where: State Botanical Garden, meet in the corner of the main Visitor Center parking lot near the rest rooms. If you happen to show up late and the group has already set out, call or text me at 706-372-5406 and I’ll help you join us.

Bring: Camera with full battery, empty film card and your longest lens, binoculars, hat, sunscreen, water, snacks, etc.

hb-7-2014-cThe Hummingbird Trail was researched and designed by Judy as she pursued photographing the Ruby-throated Hummingbird at the Garden. The trail now has 20 specific markers where Judy has found hummers coming to plants for nectar or resting in trees. Judy has spent countless hours exploring the garden and photographing all the birds, flowers and other critters she finds there. As you may have heard me say before, she knows the Bot Garden better than I know my back yard. She worked with the Botanical Garden staff to create the trail markers and the accompanying guide.

No guarantees–it always takes patience and a keen eye to spot hummingbirds, let alone photograph them, but with Judy as our guide, we’ll definitely have the best chance possible to see them and learn their favorite habitats in the Garden.

If the weather looks threatening, you can call or text me between 7:00 and 7:30 AM the day of the event and see whether it’s still on. If the weather definitely looks bad, we will reschedule.

No need to RSVP, but if you have any questions, please let me know. Judy and I hope to see you there!