DRONES in Photography

APG 6:30 pm Social – New & Improved in April
6:30 + 3 Photo Creative Challenge + Ask Me = SOCIAL TIME!

Learn how adding a drone to your photography toolkit can expand your creative possibilities.

At the April APG meeting, Michael Gonyea will discuss the benefits, rewards, and challenges of using drones to capture a photographic vision. 

Michael will take us through the processes of getting certified with an overview of the knowledge required to pilot a drone legally as either a hobbyist, or as a commercial entity. He will expand upon the photographic capabilities of drones and help us make purchase decisions based on drones with either fixed or interchangeable lenses.

All images ©2019 Michael Gonyea

Michael Gonyea is a Bogart, GA photographer who has owned an aerial imaging company, Sky G Aerial Imaging, since the fall of 2016. In that time, he has used many different types of drones to capture aerial photos for residential and commercial real estate, local businesses, events, construction and utility companies, and not to mention finding time during vacations to get those unique aerial views obtained by a rare few. 

For more information about Michael and Sky G Aerial Imaging, visit his website at

Flying High with Drone Photography

Jim MorgenthalerFor the July 21 APG meeting Jim Morgenthaler will talk about getting into drone photography and the whole new world that opens up to you. In addition he’ll briefly cover licensing, responsibilities, and liabilities.

Weather  permitting, Jim will demonstrate the DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone that takes both still images and 4K video. For more detailed information on the Phantom and its capabilities go to: And for Jim’s Flickr page go to:

Jim is a retired University of Georgia media producer. He has taught photography for the last 40 years, and has been involved with digital imaging for more than 25 years. He produced and hosted two television series for Georgia Public television. “Handy Around the House'” showed beginners how to do home repairs and modifications and was broadcast for seven years. “Taking Better Pictures” covered all aspects of photography and was broadcast for 15 years.

Jim has traveled to many countries and uses the photographs he takes in the courses he currently teaches at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education and the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina.

July 2016 Drone Photography

All photos ©2016 Jim Morganthaler