An Introduction to Architectural Photography

by Travis Rhoads

Learn key principles and concepts that are important
to making successful architectural photographs.

With nearly 20 years in the field of architecture as a profession, Travis Rhoads has been able to combine his passion for architecture with his love of photography. This presentation was created with the goal of making photographers more prepared when they head out to photograph architecture. In practice, Architectural Photography is many things to different people. From Fine Art to pure documentary, there are key principles and concepts that are important to making successful architectural photographs. Join Travis for an overview of the different genres of architectural photography as he covers a variety of methods, equipment recommendations and compositional concepts that help create better architectural images. He will also cover some creative shooting methods and editing techniques to use in the field and in the digital darkroom as well as share some real world experiences and photographs.

Speaker Bio
Travis Rhoads is an international award winning fine art photographer working in a wide range of photographic genres. He has a unique ability to have a conceptual vision of the finished image before the camera is ever turned on. The results are well crafted dramatic black and white images, vibrant and ethereal color long exposures and landscapes that immerse the viewer in the scene. His artistic background extends back to high school where he received awards for his fine art drawings and paintings. In college he studied architecture at The Savannah College of Art & Design where he received a Masters degree. While at Savannah College of Art & Design he also took several photography courses that jumpstarted his passion for photography. His images have found homes across the country, and he is always on the search for his next work of art.