Don’t Lose Your Pictures!

Backing up your photos is boring, right? Correct… 
Right up until you lose them all due to theft, malware, drive crash, or household catastrophe!

At our June 20th meeting, Chuck Murphy will cover all the unexpected and horrible things that can happen to your photo library, and how you can select the best backup process for your specific needs. We’re all different, right? Different cameras, different computers, small, medium or giant photo libraries, different attempts at backup

There is no “one size fits all” solution for protecting your precious photo library, so Chuck will cover the pros and cons of various backup strategies. You will leave with a checklist to help ensure you will go forward with the right solution for your needs, and once you understand all the threats facing you, it will probably be different from what you are doing now.

FREE! Door Prizes!  Chuck recently upgraded his battery of external backup drives to bigger ones. Therefore, he will be donating at least eight (8!) used but totally functional external hard drives, sizes 2 TB and up, to help you protect your photos and other critical data. We will give these out as door prizes so that some lucky attendees (dues-paying APG members only), will go home with a tangible part of their backup solution in hand. 

Speaker Bio 
Chuck Murphy
had a 40-year career in the software business. In his 12 years of retirement since then, he regularly teaches a course on cybersecurity and protection of your digital assets (like photos!). He’s also the go-to guy for a widening circle of family, friends, and acquaintances when a computer won’t boot up or a file goes missing. He’s never been hacked, and he’s never (yet) lost a photo.