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Focus Stacking

*UPDATE: The March and April APG Meetings have been cancelled*

Athens Photography Guild Meeting
March 19th, 7:00-8:30 pm
APG Social 6:30 pm 

Focus Stacking – How it can improve your photos

Have you ever struggled with getting your landscape photos absolutely tack sharp from front to back, even at f22 or higher?  Or maybe you want to be able to get a large flower bloom (or several blooms) in sharp focus while still retaining the beautiful soft bokeh that your lens is only capable of at its widest apertures.  Focus stacking is the technique used by many of the top professional photographers to achieve those goals.

Come join us as Horace Hamilton, former president of the Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA), shares details on how to get those results and shares examples of what can be achieved through focus stacking.

Horace Hamilton 
Past President of Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA)
Past GNPA Board member
Chairman of GNPA Field Trips
Past Chapter Coordinator GNPA Gwinnett

Horace is an award winning photographer with over 40 years experience with an emphasis on nature photography. He is the founding coordinator of the Gwinnett Chapter, currently the largest in GNPA. He has been a jurist for several photo exhibits and competitions including the Booth Photography Guild, Blue Ridge Mountain Arts, Gwinnett Master Gardeners, Georgia Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Cherokee Camera Club, Sweetwater Camera Club and numerous GNPA events. Horace has also conducted several training classes for GNPA as well as presentations to camera clubs across the state of Georgia.

Aside from working to improve his own photography, Horace’s primary focus is to assist other photographers in their efforts to improve their skills.