Frost Flowers Photo Walk

When: Tuesday, January 10, from 7:45-@10 a.m. You can leave when you want!

Why: To photograph beautiful frost flowers. Frost flowers form when the sap inside the white crownbeard plant push through and freeze which forms beautiful ribbons of ice. Temps need to be well below freezing with the right amount of rain.

Where: The State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Meet at the powerline parking lot. View map on their website if you don’t know where this is. Click “visit” then “click here to download our garden map (.pdf)”.

What to bring: Please dress for the very cold weather. It will be 24 degrees that morning. Dress in many layers! Bring your photography gear: camera, several batteries (if you have them), a macro lens if you have one, SD card(s), tripod (if desired). I use a beanbag to steady my camera and a kneeling pad for my knees to keep them from getting wet and cold.

Details: You must have signed the waver on your APG membership form to attend. Judy will have forms for you to sign if you have not signed one yet.

If there is a threat of rain that morning, send Judy Glenn a personal message on Facebook at 6:45 a.m. that morning, and she can let you know if the event is still on.