Capturing Realistic Landscapes

Alberto Patino Douce LizardAlberto Patiño-Douce sees his photography as a celebration of nature. He states, “Our world is the product of over four billion years of geological and biological evolution, and no amount of human manipulation can improve on what nature has achieved. I am thus disconcerted by some of the current trends in landscape photography, which emphasize editing over content, and endless repetition of a few clichés over exploration of the diversity of nature. When you attend my talk I would like you to focus on what you see, and to keep in mind that what I tried to accomplish was an accurate representation of nature. I will tell you a bit of how I did that, even if I often don’t remember myself.”

Alberto Patiño-Douce is a geologist, and has been a professor at UGA since 1991. He travels as much as time and resources permit, generally shunning inhabited places. His photography attempts to convey the happiness of being alone in the middle of nowhere.

More of Alberto’s work can be seen at Patino Douce compositeAll photos ©2015 Alberto E. Patiño Douce