Painting with Light

Half art. Half photography. Light painting.
>> T A L K   &   D E M O N S T R A T I O N << 

This month get ready for something quite unique. APG’s Kenneth Story will talk about using a method known as light painting to get his amazing still life images. He will start with how he got into this method, and then go into the tools he uses and the setups he creates for both inside and outside objects. He’ll cover the challenges that he has learned to overcome such as how to steady the object when there is a breeze. Kenneth will finish off with a small scale demonstration of his technique.

Kenneth Storey was born in Columbus, Georgia in 1960. He loved drawing and photography from an early age. The year he graduated from high school, he was nominated for the Page One Award as one of the best young artists in Columbus. The art faculty of Columbus College voted him Outstanding Art Student for his work in drawing, printmaking, and photography.

Ken focused on mastering the art of lithography for his masters at the University of Georgia. His studies included field work as a printmaker and photographer in Cortona, Italy.

Ken continues to pursue photography on his travels with his wife Lisa throughout the U.S. and abroad. Landscapes are a constant subject of interest to him, whether it is a love of pristine areas, concern for challenged environments, or fascination with human interaction with the earth. His great love of the land and environment can be seen in all of his media. A Fellow of the National Speleological Association, Ken especially enjoys the special challenges of photography in the dark world of caves.

In the last few years, Ken has adopted the richness of dark backgrounds and controlled sources of light. By moving closer to his subjects, Ken presents a still moment, captured by light.

He calls this work light painting photography. His intent with light-painted photographs is to remove any distractions of background imagery and focus attention solely on the object(s) before the viewer. Attention is a scarce commodity in the modern world, but Ken hopes to reward the viewer who gives his work some time by sharing the beauty he has found in his subjects.

All photos ©2017 Kenneth Story