The Approach

The Approach – Photography Workflow Start to Finish

Presentation and Group discussion by Martin Bozone

APG Meets February 21st, 7:00–8:30 PM
The Lyndon House – 293 Hoyt St., Athens, GA 30601


This month, the Athens Photography Guild meeting will not be just a presentation of slides, bullets points and photos. While the meeting does include a presentation, it will be combined with discussion from our members. Martin Bozone will present and facilitate our meeting regarding workflow in photography.

Workflow…What is workflow you ask. In photography circles, workflow tends to be thought of as a series of steps used in post-production (or editing) of images in Lightroom, Photoshop or another photo editing software program. However, Workflow has many definitions. If you search the internet, each website that you visit will probably provide a different meaning. Workflow could also be thought of as personal routines or habits or standard operating  procedures in business.
So where will our meeting focus? What type of workflow? That is for you to decide. The goal is for each individual to hear about others’ workflows and discover ideas that will help to develop their own photography “Approach” or workflow.

With the presentation, Martin will discuss the “Approach” he uses for the majority of his photography. Since he has found that a workflow method renders the best shots, he will talk about planning a photo, capturing the image, editing a shot in the post-processing stage and finally, what to do with the final photograph. The floor will be open during the presentation for comments and views from others. Attendees will also have an opportunity to share their own personal workflows.

[Download the Presentation (Acrobat PDF)]

Martin Bozone is a graphic artist by trade. Having been in the graphics field for 33 years, Martin has gained extensive Photoshop and Lightroom skills in that time. Sixteen design awards are among the highlights of his career.  Martin has been taking photos since he was a wee lad but photography has simply been a tool utilized in his day job until recently. In the last five years, he got serious about his photography and became a member of Georgia Nature Photography Association and Athens Photography Guild and other groups and clubs. Martin has had the privilege of placing in seven GNPA competitions and twice in the annual APG Photo Competition. He has been published in Birds & Blooms plus three regional bird calendars and been accepted into four state art shows.

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