Capturing Soap Bubbles & Snowflakes

Tips and Tricks to Photographing and Videoing Frozen Soap Bubbles & Photographing Snowflakes

APG Meets February 15th, 7:00–8:30 PM @ The Lyndon House


 Remember blowing soap bubbles when you were a little kid? Did you know they make beautiful frozen sculptures? Have you ever seen the detailed beauty of a snowflake? Come to February’s meeting and hear Judy Glenn share her tips and tricks on how to photograph snowflakes and frozen soap bubbles, and how to video bubbles as they start to freeze!
There is something to learn for all skill levels. She will discuss everything from photographing a snowflake with a cell phone to using a DSLR and focus stacking. Judy will also share a few bubble recipes.
She wants this meeting to be an interactive meeting where members share their suggestions. We can all learn from each other and Judy is just beginning to master this new genre of photography.
If you want a sneak peek on how to video frozen soap bubbles, you can check out Judy’s YouTube video here:
Judy has a Master’s degree in Physical Education and Health and taught for 19 years. Her time is now devoted to wildlife and nature photography with black bears and hummingbirds being her favorite subjects.
She developed the Hummingbird Trail for the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and speaks there about hummingbirds and the trail. She will be teaching a class this summer and offering hummingbird trail walks for the Garden. Check their website in the next few months for dates.
Judy also blogged for and created a few slideshows for them. The slideshows can be viewed here and here.
She hopes to get her website ready in a few months, but until then, you can find her through these social media links:
Instagram, Facebook, Google +, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, and YouTube.