Street Photography & Ethics

This month we present David Noah discussing ethics and what to consider when doing street photography.

APG Meets October 19th, 7:00–8:30 PM
At The Lyndon House Arts Center

Does candid photography do any harm to the subject? What is a likeness? Do we own our image? Can street photography add more to the world than it takes away? This talk will open up those questions and perhaps generate a discussion about the issues.

David Noah is a photographer and writer living in Winterville, GA, who struggles with the ethical issues raised by street photography. He is retired from UGA, and has a background in the visual arts. He has been an art teacher and a professional printer. He currently has a one man show at the Mattie Fay gallery in Atlanta, and a piece in the latest Athica juried show in Athens.

All images ©2017 David Noah