Recap of April APG Meeting

Don Byram talked about a few up coming items.

  • First of all, we are planning a Photo Yard Sale at the Lyndon House.  No date has been set yet, but we are hoping for a summer weekend date.  Start dusting off that no-longer-used equipment!
  • Second, the Lyndon House’s video projector is dead.  They plan to buy a new projector in July when they receive their funding.  So, for the May and June meetings, we will be using our old projector.  We plan to hold off on buying our own until we see what they buy.

Don then talked about where APG is heading in the future.  Because of time and other commitments, Don is stepping down as the point person.  Going forward, instead of having one person trying to put together the monthly meeting and getting the APG name out into the local market, we will have 4 people dividing the work load.

  • Joe Myeress will be the new point person
  • Michael Luthi will maintain and develop the new APG website.
  • Tim Rogan will be creating and sending out the newsletters as well as adding website content.
  • Chuck Murphy will be doing local marketing.  Getting us in the local papers and spreading the news about APG.

We plan to have more open discussions, more short training programs and more location shooting.

The BIG news of the night: our NEW website.

Michael has spent a lot of time and effort building the new site.  And it shows!  The best part- the Members Forum area.  This is where APG members can discuss, post images, buy/sell, and keep in touch with other APG members.  The area is for APG members only.  This means you don’t have to worry about non-members making crazy posts, or rude comments when you post images.   This will be a safe area.  Michael will keep an eye on this closely.

We had a short training program on selling your images online.  Joe spoke about how he sells his work on Fine Art America.


For our May APG Meeting:

Lisa Wheeler and Pete Muzyka discuss their “Abandoned Rural Georgia” program.

“SPRING” is the topic for the Creative Challenge.

Bring your questions or items of interest