May 2013

Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters on Netflix Streaming

Thank you to STROBIST® for sharing this. It is well worth the watch.

Ossabaw Island: Holy Ground Photo and Art Exhibit

Lyndon House Show: The exhibit “Ossabaw Island: Holy Ground” is up at Lyndon House until July 27. It features a large number of photos, abundant b&w, some images taken with large format cameras (film scanned then printed with Epson equipment), and numerous images on wrapped canvas. Artists represent the Ossabaw Artists’ Collective, a group of visual artists representing several disciplines.

New areas of our website coming!

We are in the process of adding some new areas/features to our website!  Currently we are in the process of adding two new areas specifically: Member Profiles (for those members who would like to have their photography information/website link and examples of their work displayed on our site) and a “Field Trips” section.  The field trips area will be where we will share shots from our various group outings.

The first posting will include shots from our most recent field trip to Watson Mill State Park.  If you have a few shots you would like to share from that day please email them to our site administrator Michael Luthi.  Also, if you have recommendations of other things you would like to see added to our website please feel free to email those to Michael as well or post a topic for discussion in our Forums section!