June 2016

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Upcoming Events and Notifications
  • APG Show at Donderos’ Kitchen on Milledge Ave – this will be up through August. Support your fellow members and Donderos’ for this incredible opportunity. The food really is good there. The opening reception is set for Saturday, June 25 from 2–4 p.m. Please plan to attend and start inviting your friends now. Congratulations to the members who have already sold prints. More shows will be announced as we are able to line them up.
  • OCAF’s Annual Members Exhibition –  Many APG members are also members of the Oconee County Arts Foundation (OCAF). This show started Friday, June 3rd and runs through July 8th. There is a lot of excellent photography as well as other forms of artwork there and is well worth the time to go see it.

Off Camera Flash

• • • Third in the Member Requested Series • • •

June2016_speakersIt’s Canon vs Nikon night as APG members Wade Sheldon and Tim Rogan cover how to configure and use the respective off camera flash systems. Covering Canon is Wade and covering the Nikon CLS system is Tim. Come watch the gray hairs demonstrate how you can control your flashes completely from your camera. But that’s not all. If you haven’t invested in either of these systems there will still be a segment for you as they demonstrate a couple of inexpensive triggers that work on any system. Lastly, they’ll show a variety of modifiers that can be used to shape the output of the these flashes.

Wade is a marine scientist at the University of Georgia, specializing in scientific computing and environmental informatics. He bought his first camera after graduating from college, a Canon T-70 film body, and has been hooked on photography ever since. He currently pursues a wide range of photo subjects semi-professionally, including promotional and event photography for Cedar Theatre, Bear Hollow Zoo and various non-profit groups and scientific societies, as well as landscape and general nature photography. Wade’s photos have appeared in a variety of technical publications and regional magazines, including the UGA Research Reporter. You can view some of Wade’s recent work on his website at www.sheldonphoto.net.

Tim is a graphic artist, a photographer, and a techno weenie who reads the manuals. His day job is design and corporate photography (people, places, and products), but at night its all live bands. His first roll of film was shot using the family box camera. In the military he bought a Yashica 35mm and started learning photography. When it died he went on to a Nikon F2 and the Nikon GAS has never stopped.

All photos ©2016 Wade Sheldon or Tim Rogan

All photos ©2016 Wade Sheldon or Tim Rogan


Wade’s Presentation: Canon Off-Camera Flash
Tim’s Presentation: Nikon Off Camera Flash