April 2018

Gibbs Gardens Photo Walk

Date: Saturday, April 28 at 7 AM – 7 PM

Location: Gibbs Gardens 1987 Gibbs Dr. Ball Ground, Georgia 30107

Organizer: Judy Royal Glenn

We are planning on spending the day shooting at Gibbs Garden. We will carpool there.

Meet in the parking lot in front of the Rite Aid in the Homewood Shopping Center at 7:00 AM. The Garden is open from 9-5. We will stay till 5:00, so drive separately if you need to leave earlier.

We will shoot individually and meet for lunch within the Garden then meet back for departure at 5:00 at exit.

Arbor Cafe is within the Garden. Sandwiches are $7.50 and include chicken salad, roasted turkey, chicken wrap or honey or feat & cucumber on a honey oat bread. They also have salads, snack, and drinks. Here is the link to the Cafe: https://www.gibbsgardens.com/visit/arbor-cafe-menu/

Their rules state no outside food or drinks please (except water).

Tickets are $20 per person ages 18-64 years old. Seniors 65+ are $18 per person.

We will stop to get dinner on the way home, so please bring $ for food.

Sign up at the meeting on Thursday, April 19 or send a PM to Judy Royal Glenn on Facebook with your cell number so she will know you are coming.

This event is weather permitting, and it would be great to know who is planning on coming in case we need to cancel. Judy can send you a text at 6:00 AM that morning to let you know if the event is still on if rain is in the forecast.

A few extra notes via their website:

“No staged photography is permitted, whether personal or professional. Examples include engagement or senior class pictures, etc., photos that involve posing and/or changes of clothing. Monopods and tripods are welcome as you snap photos while strolling the Gardens. However, professional photography equipment, such as reflectors, is not permitted.
Drones are not permitted in the Gardens.”

Can’t wait…..see you then:)

April News

Upcoming Contests and Notifications

  • Gibbs Gardens Photo Walk. April 28. 7am–7pm. Meet in the parking lot in front of the Rite Aid in the Homewood Shopping Center at 7:00 AM. The Garden is open from 9-5. We will stay till 5:00, so drive separately if you need to leave earlier. More info on our facebook page.
  • They have artists talks every Thursday at the Lyndon House juried show. They start at 6:30. It might cut into social time, but they are well worth it. You can peel off and come to the meeting at 6:55.

The Art of Seeing

The Art of Seeing

APG Meets April 19th, 7:00–8:30 PM @ The Lyndon House
211 Hoyt St., Athens, GA 30601


Growing into photography pre-digital allowed me to learn how to shoot somewhat differently than people learning now. No LCD previews, manual focus lenses, the limitations of 12, 24, or 36 exposures, and the wait to either develop my film or send it to the local film processor meant photography was generally a slower, more methodical process. But the good news is it trained me to see the shot – the finished photo – before I even moved my finger to the shutter button.

When driving around, something will often catch my eye. Stopping to look, even before reaching for my ever-present camera, I’ll determine if there is or isn’t a photo to be made there. Is this a worthy shot? If so, which lens will make it work? Is it going to work best in color or B&W? I don’t own any of the major post processing software so what you see is what is coming out of the camera. This month I will share how you too can learn to visualize the shot first and shoot second.

Ben Slaboda studied Visual Arts and Photography in college. Since then it’s been a passion and sometimes an obsession. From the late ’70s through the ’80s, he ran a working studio and opened four camera stores. All of that has passed now, but the passion remains.

All images ©2018 Ben Slaboda