June 2019

June News

New & Improved “APG Social”
6:30pm + Three Photo Creative Challenge + Ask Me = SOCIAL TIME!

The Creative Challenge, the “Ask Me” help session and the Social have been combined into one activity. APG Social time will start at 6:30 but you can join in at any time. It will be casual and just be members and attendees discussing each photo.

There are several reasons for doing this. Your time is an important one. APG wants to utilize your time better and efficiently. Another reason is that the challenge has not received the attention it deserves lately because of longer presentations. The final reason is to promote a stage for discussion of the photo settings, setup, composition, techniques, equipment and craftwork as well as “Ask Me” questions. APG wants to forge a comfortable environment for novices and veterans that is easy to show your photography, share your knowledge, ask questions and learn.

Here’s what we need to ask of you to foster these changes…

  • Email your photos to athenspg@gmail.com early. We ask that you send your photos as early as possible and no later than 12 noon the day before APG meets. If you must bring photos on a thumb drive, we will work them in but try to come extra early. 
  • Limit your photos to one of the following: 3 Creative Challenge Photos or 2 Challenge pics plus 1 open category or 3 Open Category photos. This is to help us get all photos shown before the meeting.
  • Label your photo files with your name plus the challenge name. As an example: Martin Bozone_APG DramaticLight_01.jpg. Include information on location, settings, setup within the body of your email. We want to display this info with the photos on screen.
  • Email a JPG (the best file format) with a 10 (80%) quality setting, at a file dimension of no more than 1600 pixels on the longest side.
  • Try to be at the social at 6:30PM. You are welcome to join in at any time but we want to you get your money’s worth. Also, if bringing a thumb drive be there even earlier.

Three Photo Creative Challenge for June

Dramatic Lighting – Send photos that show what we learned with last month’s presentation by Joyce Dumas where she used lighting and style to create her style of photos. If you missed that presentation, go to Joyce’s blog at joycedumasphotos.blogspot.comwhere it is featured.

Open Category – Share up to three of your favorite images in any genre you would like to show.

Ask Me
Beginners or veterans, come one, come all! Do you have a photography question, maybe one you’re too shy to ask in front of the group? Or you’re stuck with a question and have no idea who might know the right answer? Our own, dedicated “Ask Me!” person will be on duty during the SOCIAL TIME, 6:30 – 7:00pm. If he or she doesn’t know the answer, they’ll find somebody who does. Just look for the person wearing the “Questions? Ask Me!hat.

Your Help is Needed
The APG leadership team has been in place for a good five years. It’s time to rotate the crops. We all started with zero knowledge about our positions, but have everything well documented for you to hit the ground running. It would be good if two people could share each position. We’d like you to remain for no more than two years if possible.

We have filled the President (Martin Bozone), Treasurer (Chuck Murphy), Facebook (Alan Black), and newsletter (Michael Gonyea) positions. What we need if not filled in the meantime:

  • Membership: Collect the new member paperwork and payment. Record it in a spread sheet. Send a pre-written welcome letter. Get the money to the treasurer.
  • Advertising: Send our monthly meeting info to the flagpole magazine.
  • Speakers: Work with Martin to line up speakers for the year. (We only two months open.)
  • Projector: Run the computer during the meetings. Collect the photos for the challenge. Collect the speaker’s show. Requires you to get to the meeting early.

Stay Up to Date with APG 

Don’t Lose Your Pictures!

Backing up your photos is boring, right? Correct… 
Right up until you lose them all due to theft, malware, drive crash, or household catastrophe!

At our June 20th meeting, Chuck Murphy will cover all the unexpected and horrible things that can happen to your photo library, and how you can select the best backup process for your specific needs. We’re all different, right? Different cameras, different computers, small, medium or giant photo libraries, different attempts at backup

There is no “one size fits all” solution for protecting your precious photo library, so Chuck will cover the pros and cons of various backup strategies. You will leave with a checklist to help ensure you will go forward with the right solution for your needs, and once you understand all the threats facing you, it will probably be different from what you are doing now.

FREE! Door Prizes!  Chuck recently upgraded his battery of external backup drives to bigger ones. Therefore, he will be donating at least eight (8!) used but totally functional external hard drives, sizes 2 TB and up, to help you protect your photos and other critical data. We will give these out as door prizes so that some lucky attendees (dues-paying APG members only), will go home with a tangible part of their backup solution in hand. 

Speaker Bio 
Chuck Murphy
had a 40-year career in the software business. In his 12 years of retirement since then, he regularly teaches a course on cybersecurity and protection of your digital assets (like photos!). He’s also the go-to guy for a widening circle of family, friends, and acquaintances when a computer won’t boot up or a file goes missing. He’s never been hacked, and he’s never (yet) lost a photo.