August 2019

August News

New & Improved “APG Social”
6:30pm + Three Photo Creative Challenge + Ask Me = SOCIAL TIME!
The Creative Challenge, the “Ask Me” help session and the Social have been combined into one activity. APG Social time will start at 6:30. It will be a stage for discussion of the photo settings, setup, composition, techniques, equipment and craftwork as well as “Ask Me” questions. APG wants to forge a comfortable environment for novices and veterans that is easy to show your photography, share your knowledge, ask questions and learn.

Here’s what we ask you to do…

  • Email your photos to early. We ask that you send your photos as early as possible and no later than 12 noon the day before APG meets. If you must bring photos on a thumb drive, we will work them in but try to come extra early. 
  • Limit your photos to one of the following: 3 Creative Challenge Photos or 2 Challenge pics plus 1 open category or 3 Open Category photos. This is to help us get all photos shown before the meeting.
  • Label your photo files with your name plus the challenge name. As an example: Martin Bozone_APG DramaticLight_01.jpg. Include information on location, settings, setup within the body of your email. We want to display this info with the photos on screen.
  • Email a JPG (the best file format) with a 10 (80%) quality setting, at a file dimension of no more than 1600 pixels on the longest side.
  • Try to be at the social at 6:30PM. You are welcome to join in at any time but we want to you get your money’s worth. Also, if bringing a thumb drive be there even earlier.
Lighting up the Darkness

Lighting Up the Darkness

Techniques used in cave photography

How do you photograph places where you can’t even see your hand in front of your face? Kenneth will show examples and discuss the techniques learned from other cave photographers that have have allowed him to photograph deep underground. Kenneth will also have a show-and-tell of some the equipment he employs.

Ken Storey

Speaker Bio — Kenneth Storey has pursued photography most of his life. Landscape is a constant subject of interest, whether it is a love of pristine areas, concern for challenged environments, or fascination with human interaction with the earth. His great love of the land and environment can be seen in all media. In the last few years, Kenneth has adopted the richness of dark backgrounds and controlled sources of light to focus attention on his subjects, without any background distractions. By moving closer to his subjects, he shows the viewer a still moment. He terms this work light painting photography. He has been a member of the National Speleological Association for over 40 years. So it was natural for him to become fascinated with the special challenges of photographing in the dark world of caves. How do you photograph places where you can’t even see your hand in front of your face? He learned by watching his father, other cave photographers, and by lots of trial and error.